Our Mission

RLS Reflections specializes in wildlife and landscape photography in the Rocky Mountain region and Alaska. Our goal is to capture God's creations, his works of art, through the lens of a camera and share these timeless treasures.

About the Founders

Both Rick and I were raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. Like most people in the St. Louis area, we loved the St. Louis Cardinals. We met in college while attending Southwest Missouri State University (now called Missouri State University) in Springfield, Missouri. After graduating in 1977, we exchanged our vows, committing our lives to each other to become the best people we could be through the gifts that God endowed in us.

Rick loved the outdoors from the time he was just a young boy. If he couldn't be playing baseball, he needed to be in nature. Animals were important part of his being. He wanted pets so much that he captured a bird, so he could keep it as his own. He wanted to take it on a walk, so he did what any loving pet owner would do, he put it on a leash. Well, that did not have a happy ending. Small dogs suited his family but Rick dreamt of owning a big dog to take biking, hiking, and especially, fishing. The art of fly fishing intrigued Rick… and…he has not stopped in that exploration. Watching Rick in a freshwater trout stream is as though one is watching perfection in fly fishing, even though he would say he is far from it. Tight lines, Rainbows, Cutthroats, Brookies, and Salmon are plentiful at the end of Rick's line. Every free moment, Rick wanted to be on a river. The weather in Missouri for the most part only allowed us to enjoy nature in the spring and fall, which left time for us to continue our mutual love for the Cardinals. As time passed neither of us felt fulfilled with what St. Louis had to offer, thus, the itch for exploring a place that we could be outdoors year round became our quest.

In 1980, Rick and I visited Aspen, Colorado for a new grand adventure, skiing, something neither of us had tried before. During that short visit, we felt home in Colorado. It was a place we could explore year round. But we had to finalize some important planning pieces: me finishing my masters, finishing my contract for the school year as a Special Needs Teacher; Rick and I both securing jobs in Colorado; selling our house in St. Louis, on and on. Colorado was our destiny, and all the pieces fell into place. Why Colorado? The weather, the beauty, the excitement of learning and exploring in such a magnificent state.

This is when photography became yet another passion of Rick's. Everywhere we explored in Colorado was a reminder of the power of God and his great works. We needed to capture the great works of God to share with others. With camera equipment being so costly and just beginning our young careers, we had to make a decision between furniture or camera equipment. Guess what our choice was. Witness the pictures for yourself.

So...you are wondering about me, the co-owner of "RLS Reflections". Yes, Rick is the one that is the photographer, and I am the writer, the story teller, the one that puts words to the pictures to help you experience the whole beauty. Rick and I have been partners in life now for 35 years. Lindsey and Jackie (our daughters) are our gifts to the world. Lindsey is a school teacher who inspires our future generation to be thinkers and doers. Lindsey is married to a wonderful man, Michael, a fire-fighter. This calling in life ranks up with police officers and those that serve in the armed forces to keep our country free. Michael and Lindsey have gifted our lives with a grandson, Cooper, a bundle of joy. Jackie is still in school and following her creative side with hair design. Jackie will set the standards in this field. Our dogs are also an important part of our family. We have had dogs all our married life. Our current dog is Jackson a blue eyed Siberian Husky, named after Jackson Hole Wyoming, another favorite spot of ours.

And yes, living in Colorado we support our local boys; the Rockies, Avs, Broncos, and Nuggets but will forever follow the Cardinals.

We hope that you discover the beauty of God's masterpieces through our journeys into nature.

Rick & Linda Schneider