Do you have a guarantee?

RLS Reflections is confident you will be very happy with the quality of your purchase and therefore we guarantee our work. If any picture is damaged from a lack of quality control, simply return it within one week and we will give a full refund (less return shipping) upon receiving and validation of damages. If any picture has shipping damage upon delivery, let the carrier know immediately, contact us and in either condition we will replace it free of charge.

Please understand that we can not accept returns for wrong sizes ordered or if some type of personal decision is made i.e. the colors don't match the room. We calibrate our monitors to our processors printers and photo paper, so we know what we see on our monitor will match what comes off their printer. You might see some very slight very color differences if you don't have a calibrated monitor. It's a very rare occurrence that any difference is noticed by our customers, but some computer monitors simply have some challenges in producing accurate colors. The good news is that we make sure colors are accurate in all our photography. We typically get customer reviews stating how impressed they are with the amazing detail and how vibrant the colors are when they receive their picture. When we do shows in Colorado, we hear these comments continually as people view our work. Again, we work very hard to make sure our pictures are the highest quality and we want our customers to be very happy with their purchase.

Our pictures should always be stored or hung in dry rooms and out of direct sunlight.

How much is shipping?

All of our pricing includes shipping in the lower 48. Both FedEx and UPS are used for shipping and we guarantee your purchase to arrive in perfect condition. Your order will be shipped directly from our processor and they package and ship dozens of pictures on a daily basis. Returns from damaged pictures is very low, but in the unlikely event of damage let us know immediately and we will send a replacement as soon as possible.

Typically our pictures are shipped within 3 to 4 weeks (often times sooner), with the exception of special orders. On a rare occasion, if those time frames are delayed by our processor, we will notify you of an estimated shipping date and if the time frames don't meet your needs, we will be happy to give you a full refund.

If you live in Colorado and can pick up your pictures(s) in the Denver metro area you can save some money on the prices listed on our website. Please contact us for pricing if you plan on picking up your picture(s).

Are your payments secure?

We utilize Stripe for our secured payment processing system. They were one of the first secured payment processing systems in the country and have hundreds of thousands of customers in over 100 countries. When you enter your payment information, it goes directly into Stripe's secured payment system and completely bypassses our website. Stripe is simply one of the top secured payment processing systems available today.

What are your mounting options?

All of our photography is mounted by DuraPlaq™. Except for their Aluminum/Metal and Plexi products all of our other mounts are done on their Premium Wood Products. Our photography is mounted on recycled, eco-friendly wood coated with an acid-free surface and finished with a beveled edge. Various edge colors and surface finishes provide the opportunity to enhance and personalize a plaque mounted picture meanwhile providing UV protection and moisture resistance that reduces the chance of warping. (The standard edge color is black, if another edge color is preferred, please see our color options and contact us for other options.)

The DuraPlaq® is a completely finished product with a coated, black, moisture-resistant finish on the back to ensure art is fully protected and maintains a clean, high-quality appearance from front to back. DuraPlaq® takes great pride in manufacturing the highest quality plaques available today.

Plaq mounts not only take away the need for traditional glass framed pictures, but provide a much cleaner look and you remove the glare associated with glass. If a picture is framed with traditional glass happens to bust. the picture is almost surely ruined. A Plaq mount is very durable and is “museum quality” for long lasting color preservation. Whether it's mounted as a Plaq or Aluminum/Metal or Plexi it's the preferred choice for quality high end photography.


MegaPlaqs bring an element of substance and dimension to plaque mounted art as they are more than an inch thick. A MegaPlaq is essentially a thickened DuraPlaq™ wherein the depth of the plaq can be seen from any angle when displayed. The backside is hollowed out to reduce weight and conceal a convenient cleat hanging system allowing the MegaPlaq to hang securely, flush against a wall. (All hanging material is included with all pictures)


FloatPlaqs give your art dimension to appear as if it is floating off the wall. FloatPlaqs are quickly becoming a favorite for fine art galleries and artists alike. Made from premium eco-friendly wood, FloatPlaqs create a durable yet creative way to preserve and present fine art. Artwork is mounted on an acid-free 3/8" thick surface, finished with a beveled edge, and given a ¾" deep backing to create a floating effect. The backing is recessed from the edge such that it is not easily seen. A simple French cleat system is provided to securely mount and display a FloatPlaq. (All hanging material is included with all pictures).


Made from premium eco-friendly wood, StandardPlaqs create a durable, long-lasting way to preserve and present artwork. Art is mounted on an acid-free 3/8" thick surface and finished with a beveled edge. To display a StandardPlaq, simply use the provided screw(s) and keyhole(s) on the back. A StandardPlaq will hang flush against the wall. (All hanging material is included with all pictures)

Slim StandardPlaq

It's simply the most attractive, longest lasting, most durable, greatest clarity and no glare framing method. Fill a frame with this durable, glass free framing option. This lightweight product compliments framing applications and bottom stack products. The low profile Slim StandardPlaq can be framed as a cleanable and durable alternative to traditional framing replacing the need for glass and backing components in a frame. Slim StandardPlaqs preserve art prints in an acid-free, moisture resistant, and UV-protected finish. Recycled, 1/8" eco-friendly wood coated to be acid-free and moisture resistant for ultimate protection and longevity of artwork. Overall depth of product is 1/8" from front face to back. (All hanging material is included with all pictures)


Our photography is printed directly to the metal for this striking presentation, has a superior metal look that stands out with a high gloss finish and thin metal profile! The AlumaPress is a unique infused metal product available with two finish options either a sheer metal or white base finish. The sheer metal base yields a unique a sheer aluminum effect to play up the iridescence and allure of a metal print. Comparatively, a white base infused print will yield a more traditional print appearance adding a depth and richness of color. This is a remarkably modern presentation playing up the unique, boldness of metal with a super gloss finish. A protective, acid-free black coating is applied to the back of the infused metal and is completed with a black 1/2" recessed backing with concealed French cleat hanger to give it a floating effect when mounted on the wall. Premium quality, 100% recyclable, infused 3/64" aluminum metal alloy. (All hanging material is included with all pictures)


Our prints are presented in a stunning way and are differentiated from other artwork with a crystal clear, high gloss PlexiPlaq! Using exclusive high grade acrylic, PlexiPlaqs are a resoundingly unique way to present our work with superior clarity and durability. This process uses the best products and only the highest quality, premium museum-grade acrylic on the market. Partnering superior ultra violet light protection and a scratch resistance coating, this acrylic product has superior durability and protection. Our fine art print is face mounted in a fully acid-free manner. Metallic or glossy type prints are recommended for this product to add extra depth and iridescence for a remarkably modern presentation. The front face is finished with a beveled edge to prevent crazing or cracking along the edges with regular cleaning. A protective, acid-free black coating is applied to the back of the acrylic face-mounted print and completed with a black 0.5" recessed backing with concealed French cleat hanger to give it a floating effect when mounted on the wall. (All hanging material is included with all pictures)

Fine Art Archival Ink Prints

RLS Reflections fine art photography is printed by processors that use the most advanced printing products made today. It is imperative that the best ink, photo paper and printers are used to print our photography, so our customers will enjoy their purchase for many years to come. All of our work achieves the highest archival ratings that technology allows today. The details like calibrating a printer several times a day to make sure that a customer receives the most accurate print possible is done only by the best print processors. Calibrating the monitor on a regular basis to match the printer and photo paper is the only way a processor can make sure they are printing the absolute most accurate photograph for their customers.

Our prints are vibrant in color, extremely high in detail, and are printed with what is considered "museum quality" products. For our customers that only want a print that they will mount themselves, it will arrive rolled and put into a protective tube to arrive at it’s destination safe and secure.

Canvas Prints

Canvas wrap print mounts are only done on a special order basis as we simply can’t guarantee their results. No matter what anyone tells you, canvas wrap pictures will deteriorate over time as the canvas expands and contracts with weather. Your pictures may look good for several years, but over time the ink will separate from the canvas, especially on the corners. In warm weather the canvas often times will become loose and lose that tight stretched canvas appearance. We pride ourselves on very detailed prints and unfortunately, canvas prints simply can’t produce the same level of detail that we are able to obtain in all our other mounting options.

If someone really wants a canvas print, there is one option that we would recommend. It still won’t have the detail of our other mounting options, but with the right picture it can be a very beautiful presentation. In this process the image is printed on canvas and then laminated to any one of the boards listed in our other mounting options. It will have a UV coating put on the print and then a clear coat for futher protection. The simplist way to explain the process is that everthing is done the same as any of our other board mounts, but the photo is printed on canvas, opposed to photo paper. This process will eliminate the expansion and contraction issues with traditional canvas mounts. Our photography mounted utilizing this process gives our pictures more of a rustic, yet elegant appearance. With a big rustic frame and liner, it’s very beautiful.

This process is slightly (but not substantially) more expensive than our other mounting options, so please contact us if this option is of interest.

Do you have examples of your installations?

RLS Reflections work is on display at a few locations. We have a number of pictures at in Breckenridge, CO at Grand Timber Lodge (Bldg #5 near the restaurant and pool entrance), Arrowhead Golf Course Restaurant in Littleton, CO, and the Roxborough Packaging Store, in the Safeway Shopping Center. If you're in Denver, don't hesitate to call for in home viewing.